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The newest lottery vending technology from Fastrak is the ideal solution for that “extra pair of hands” in a busy consumer driven retail environment.

A relatable medium for today’s consumers, self-service has become the standard for consumers everywhere; from ATM’s, airline check-in kiosks, self-checkout lanes in supermarkets, and other types of product vending. Touchscreens offer more options and information for today’s players and a unique ability to up-sell products during the purchase process.

The Lottery Interactive Ticket Vending Machine (ITVM) is the perfect medium to increase sales by attracting and engaging players, expanding advertising opportunities and cross promoting all lottery products.

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instant ticket vending machine

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ITVMs offer new retail opportunities in both traditional and new trade styles.

By offering both instant and draw products in a self-service kiosk, it is ideally suited for non-traditional outlets; ie coffee shops, bars and supermarkets.

This increases the Lottery retail footprint and ultimately increases revenue.

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Through its’ 43-inch full high-definition (HD) touchscreen the Fastrak ITVM is designed to capture the attention of players and provide a convenient and intuitive self-service game play experience for instant games and draw games alike.

The User friendly interface allows players to play their favourite Lotto games, via the quick pick feature, choose their own numbers or simply browse the latest instant ticket offerings.

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