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At Fastrak we understand that scratch cards and instant tickets are an important part of any lottery operator’s sales. With this in mind we have developed a comprehensive range of products that will help maximise the growth of instant game sales.

Our products are designed to offer maximum flexibility, ease of use for retailers and the best possible purchasing experience for consumers.

Whether you opt for our innovative POD system, our easy to use menu boards and stand-alone scratch card displays, or choose to have a custom designed unit built to your unique requirements, you can be sure that we will deliver a high quality product that enhances your in-store presence and maximises sales growth.

For our scratch card products we are able to demonstrate an excellent return on investment and we are happy to share sales growth data and statistics collated from our existing clients.

Standard Game Hub

POD system

Fastrak Lottery Solutions POD Scratch Card Dispensing System delivers both increased sales and enhanced brand presence by its effective adaptability.

Our highly successful range of standard products and bespoke accessories have made Fastrak’s POD system the go to solution for of scratch card retailing.

POD - Scratch Card Dispensing System
Standard Game Hub

configure this!

Using Fastrak’s POD system, scratch card retailing can take prominent positioning in any location and number of facings.

Securely mounted at counter level or elevated above existing displays ensuring prominent positioning.

Standard Game Hub
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Fun with Accessories

Additionally we offer a full range of accessories for the POD system to allow prize, price and feature game information to be clearly and effectively displayed.

  • • maximise branding
  • • increase visibility
  • • more security
  • • targeted promotions
  • • integrate existing sales items
  • • sell more

POD Unit Accessories
  • Overhead POD Display
  • Elevated Counter Top POD Unit
  • Counter Top POD Unit
  • Bridged Counter Top POD Unit
Counter top display

The POD system can be located anywhere in-store including in-lane, kiosk, and more...

The system includes further accessories that deliver enhanced mounting, communication, merchandising and marketing solutions.

overhead display

Combine any of our accessory products with your POD configuration to create a unique scratch card dispenser tailored to your lottery's exact requirements.

Bridged Counter Top Display

Our exclusive range features:

  • • mounting brackets & poles
  • • branding products and 'dress up kits'
  • • Prize, price and game highlighters
  • • multi-function counter unit system

These allow for the combination of lottery display and other retail products within the same footprint.

elevated counter top display

Fastrak specialise at providing the right product for the right location, contact us today!

let's be upfront, eh?...

The latest generation of Lottery Scratch Card Dispensing; the AIR scratch card dispensing system offers the ultimate in usability and display for dispensing fan fold scratch card packs. With constant innovation our range is ever expanding with many options available.

The AIR unit is front loading and front dispensing. The clear AIR dispenser has been designed to allow you to load and display 4 inch wide scratch cards in an ergonomically and user friendly wall mounted dispenser system. The customer can buy the card they see, giving the public more trust in the game.

Standard Game Hub
Versatile Game Hub

...and increase your sales

The AIR Dispenser has been designed to be securely fixed to the wall. The AIR Dispenser can be mounted to the wall with high strength double sided tape or screwed in position using the built-in key hole slots. No special tool is required for assembly, perfect for retro-fitting in store.

Vertical facing for maximum product visibility. Any configuration is possible from a single AIR to multiple facing layouts, arranged both vertically and horizontally. Optional number stickers allow for easy customer game selection.

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designed for you...
...and your customers

The modern retail environment constantly demands innovation, providing new ways in which to engage customers, ensuring sales consistently increase.

With this in mind, the combination of Fastrak’s AIR units, print and digital media systems work synergistically providing state of the art customer engagement and product desirability.

Behind Counter Instant Tickets

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scratch card under counter dispensing

instant ticket storage solutions

Our secure, easy to use and simple to install storage drawer system is the perfect accompaniment to the Game Selection Board system.

Once the consumer has made their selection from the board, the retailer will dispense the purchased cards from the lockable storage drawer.

The unit is manufactured in coated steel and incorporates a high quality lock to ensure that appropriate levels of security are achieved.

Additionally the product features card separators to easily identify the selected card and ensure accuracy of dispensing. Once again if you are unable to find the perfect solution from our standard products we are capable of designing the ideal storage system from your brief.

Menu Board Displays

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award winning designs call today

Our market leading designs and manufacturing capabilities are internationally recognised and have won multiple awards for innovation and retail impact with proven increased return on investment.

Display of the Year - Permanent Display

Counter Lottery Terminal / Camelot UK Lotteries Ltd

Judges’ comments:
“A carefully considered and intelligent design from every aspect, this display really understood the target environment and challenges well. Offering a perfect blend of technology and user-centred ergonomics, it is practical, uncluttered and well-built and offers great visibility - all key to ensuring future success sales in-store.”

Grocery & General Merchandise - Permanent Display

Counter Lottery Terminal / Camelot UK Lotteries Ltd

Judges’ comments:
“A great example of how to deliver maximum impact with a really small footprint. Featuring clever integration of standard and hi-tech components, the self-return mechanism on the screen is a brilliant innovation. Overall, the unit price is astoundingly low when set against the return that sales will bring from its retail presence, guaranteeing this will prove to be a real winner in-store.”

G.M & NON-FOOD - Permanent Display

POD System Scratch Card Retail Dispenser / Premier Lotteries Ireland

Judges’ comments:
“A smart modular display unit which offers good functionality and maximum flexibility. As well as being fast to install, importantly, it also allows retailers to use the display in the most space efficient way possible. Delivering a point of difference from the other units, sales uplift of 50% demonstrates the true impact of its introduction to market.”

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